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Vapor Genie Vaporizer Pipe

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  • Vapor Genie 

    The VaporGenie is a hand held portable vaporizer pipe that is much safer and easier to use than a conventional combustion pipe. It has been specifically designed for use with tobacco and other similar herbs. The VaporGenie slowly heats up your tobacco so that it extracts the nicotine and flavor without burning and combusting the material.  The Tar and toxic smoke that are notorious with smoking tobacco are significantly reduced and make it easier for your lungs to maintaing their current state of restfulness. The VaporGenie produces high quality, flavorful vapor in a matter of seconds. There is no coughing, wheezing, or burning throat involved when you are using this product. It simply feels like you are inhaling a breath of warm, flavored air. 

    High Grade Wood

    The wood of the VaporGenie is meticulously sanded down and sealed with a high quality clear coat that highlights the products stylish wood grain patterns. There are no adhesives, or other toxic compounds used in the production and manufacturing of the VaporGenie. Almost all of the complex components used inside of the VaporGenie are proudly made in the United States.  When it comes to using a high quality wood pipe, you really want a design that you can trust and rely on.  You can tell that great care was put into making this a high quality product, and you can rest assured that the engineers spent a lot of effort into making this the best vaporizer pipe currently being sold on the market.

    Reliable Manufacturing

    The ceramic heating element in the VaporGenie is constructed of high grade silicon carbide, one of the most capable and heat retardant ceramics in existence. Silicon carbide is made of only silicon and carbon, in a diamond crystal frame that boasts supremacy. Silicon carbide does not contain aluminum or other toxic metals and so will not toxify your vapor or create metallic tastes when you are taking your draws. The ceramic filter does not warp, split, or grind away and will never need to be replaced with another.  All the metal pieces in the VaporGenie are either high quality stainless steel or chrome plated for maximum efficiency. The VaporGenie comes standard with a stainless steel screen and stainless steel bowl for ultimate durability and long lasting quality. From mouth tip to the center of the bowl the product is roughly 4.5" long, making for easy concealability and transportation.

    Final Thoughts

    Overall, the Vapor Genie is a durable and well designed vaporizer pipe that is ideal for tobacco and other dried herbs.  It will last a long time as long as it's cleaned and maintained properly, and it is light weight and compact so it can be easily stored away discreetly without too much trouble.  If you are looking to vape tobacco and other dried herbs then this pipe was designed specifically with you in mind.  The silocon carbide filter makes it capable of producing nothing but high quality, flavorful vapor every single time.  It's stylish and attractive wood finish make it aesthetically pleasing, and it's high quality manufacturing gives it supreme functionality that rivals any other device in it's class.  Take your dry herb game to the next level with the Vapor Genie Vaporizer Pipe today!

  • Vapor Genie Vaporizer Pipe has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 2 reviews.
Vapor Genie Vaporizer Pipe has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 2 reviews.