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Vapir NO2 Vaporizer Version 2 (+ Free Car Charger) , Portable Vaporizers - Vapir, WeedShop
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Vapir NO2 Vaporizer Version 2 (+ Free Car Charger)

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  • The Vapir NO2 Version 2 Portable Vaporizer is a high quality, handheld vaporizer with a digital display that makes customizing your vaping experience a breeze.  It conveniently displays the current heating temperature, and even has a memory feature which will keep track of your favorite vaping temperatures for future reference.

    Accessories (Included):

    • 4 x Mesh Replacement Screens
    • 1 x Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery
    • 1 x Tube Attachment
    • 1 x Vapir Mouthpiece
    • 1 x Wall Charger
    • 1 x Herbal Scooper
    • 1 x Cleaning Brush
    • 2 x Stirring Sticks 

    Excellent Features

    Striving for all out convenience and true customer satisfaction, Vapir has succeeded in designed one of the best portable vaporizers on the market.  Heating up in less than 1 minute, the Vapir NO2 uses a pure brass heating element encompassed in stainless steel to provide efficient vaping with high quality vapor every time.  This advanced heating system leaves no harsh aftertaste, and only provided high quality, premium vapor draws.

    Lightweight Design

    The Vapir NO2 is lightweight, making it easy to carry anywhere, and comes with a free car charger so you can recharge it's batteries while you are on the move.  This package also comes with a free grinder of your choice, wooden or metal, for more added value.  Other portables are very bulky and aren't easily transported when you are on the go, but the NO2 easily fits inside of a pocket or handbag for true portability. 

    Final Thoughts

    Overall, the Vapir NO2 is a solid portable vape, and will enhance your vaping experience for sure.  It is highly affordable when compared to other portables in the marketplace, and offers a variety of useful features for both new and experienced vaporizer users.  If you are looking for a highly affordable, functional unit then this is the right choice for you.  Step your game up to the next level with the Vapir NO2 Portable Vaporizer today!