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Sonic Vaporizer

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  • Sonic Vaporizer

    The Sonic Vaporizer is here! I would like to introduce to you the newly redesigned, most efficient portable vaporizer that has ever existed. This compact and portable device is changing the vaporizer industry, one draw at a time with it's next level heating systems and accurate temp control. A far cry from other portable vapes that can never seem to actually produce any vapor, the Sonic vape creates large clouds of clean, potent vapor that are a pleasure to draw on. It also showcases a ceramic heating chamber that makes sure you're receiving strictly the highest quality vapor. The Sonic Vaporizer showcases a sleek design that makes it extremely simple to move around and use in any time or place. It's compact enough to slide into your purse or pocket and also uses a detachable mouthpiece for added convenience.

    Advanced Heating Technology 

    The Sonic Vaporizer used a ceramic heating chamber that vapes your dry herbs with maximum efficiency and convenience unlike other products that only heat up only half of the plant material that you insert into the herb chamber.  The Sonic uses advanced heating technology to make sure your herbs are heated evenly and efficiently, allowing the user to receive the best quality vapor possible.  The precision temperature control allows you to take charge over your experience it and customize it to the level of intensity that you desire.  Use a lower setting for a more calm experience, and crank it up to the highest setting to release more active ingredients and get a more intense experience.

    Quick Heat Up Time

    There's no waiting around twiddling your thumbs with the Sonic Vaporizer. This innovative device is fitted with the capability of hitting vaporizing temps within 30 seconds of pressing the button. Simply pack your dry herbs into the chamber, set your temps, and your ready to blast off in a matter of only a few seconds.  Other portables on the market are a bit slower to heat up, and this can be frustrating when you are sitting there with herbs in hand waiting to vape.  Don't be stuck waiting, use the Sonic and get your herbal gratification as soon as possible!

    Easy To Use

    With only 3 buttons on the side, the Sonic Vaporizer is very user-friendly and needs very little maintenance over the course of it's usage. Simply power it on, set your ideal temperature for vaping, and start taking your draws of premium, flavorful vapor.  Other portable vaporizers on the market are extremely complex, and need an advanced instruction manual just to operate.  Not with the sonic.  Simply load up the chamber with your material, press the button, and vape away!  The Sonic's hassle free operation makes it an extremely desirable portable vaporizer and most users agree that it is one of the better portables currently available for purchase.

    Final Thoughts

    Overall, this is one of the best portable vaporizers ever created, and it's easy to see why so many people have enjoyed using it recently.  This vape will have you recommending it to all of your friends and family and telling them that they simply must try it for themselves to see the wonderful benefits.  Enhance your own style of vaping with the Sonic Vaporizer today!