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Quickdraw Quickdraw 500 DLX Multi Function - Vaporizer Vendor

Quickdraw 500 DLX

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  • The Quickdraw 500 DLX has been dubbed by some throughout the vaporizer industry as the "Pax Killer" because it offers similar vapor quality in a 3 in 1 style device that also gives you the ability to instantly vaporize concentrates along with oils at the push of a button. The 500 DLX uses a high quality ceramic style herb heating chamber that isn't likely to burn out like the cheaper coils used in some of the older style 3 in 1 units from yesteryear.

    • QuickDraw 500 Vaporizer
    • 500-D Cartridge for Dry Material
    • 500-L Cartridge for Liquids
    • 500-X Cartridge for Extracted Concentrates
    • USB Charger
    • Wall Adapter
    • Cleaning Tools