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Puffco Peak Erig - Vaporizer Vendor

Puffco Peak Erig

Regular price $ 379.99 Sale

  • Kit Includes:

    • 1x Puffco Peak Vaporizer
    • 1x Carrying Case
    • 1x Cleaning  Swabs
    • 1x Load Tool
    • 1x Micro-USB Cable and Supercharger
    • 1x Carb Cap
    • 1x Extra Ceramic Bowl


    The Puffco Peak is the supreme ruler of concentrate and wax vaporizers, as it absolutely destroys its competitors. The Peak has been one of the most highly rated products of 2019, and it’s used in essentially the same way as an exceptionally, high-quality dab rig. This premium product is currently retailing at $379.99 and it is a must-have for shatter enthusiasts! The Peak features a gorgeous build with a hand-blow glass mouthpiece, intelligent temperature calibration with four customized user heat settings, and a rapid twenty second heat up time. It also boasts sesh-mode functionality for enhanced and social joint sessions, an LED light display (band) with haptic feedback, the largest ceramic chamber available in the market, and a supercharger that allows for a thirty dab usage. The water filtration is another key development for this unit, and the Puffco Peak Vaporizer is stated to have the highest, tastiest, purest cloud quality ever seen by its’ beta testers. The Puffco Peak is the ultimate purchase for users that are willing to spend the extra money in order to obtain an unrivaled, perfect experience.