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Marley Natural Glass Bubbler Pipe - Vaporizer Vendor

Marley Natural Glass Bubbler Pipe

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  • Dedicated to creating uniquely designed accessories, Marley Natural offers an elevated line of smoking products for discerning tobacco connoisseurs. Balancing intuitive form with subtle Jamaican-inspired accents, our line caters to a personalized and very sensory approach to the classic ritual of smoking.

    The Marley Natural Bubbler is a hybrid water and dry pipe, the Bubbler's versatility offers the best of both worlds. This collectible standing glass piece is the perfect lifestyle amenity for an enriched smoking experience. The generously apportioned base allows for a large volume of water to be filtered, while its globe-shaped percolator assures a premium filtration effect. Exceptional design makes this piece a display-worthy object in and of itself, while removable parts allow for easy cleaning and maintenance.

    • Hand Blown Glass and Black Walnut Wood
    • Hybrid Water and Dry Pipe
    • Beautiful Custom Design
    • Detachable Parts for Easy Cleaning and Portability
    • 100% Cotton Drawstring Carrying Case Included
    • Length: 5.75"
    • Height: 5.75"
    • Width: 1.75"
    • Material: Glass, Black Walnut