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Magical Butter

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  • Magical Butter

    The Magical Butter is a device that any serious medicated user should have in their collection of appliances.  This amazingly convenient device will take your standard household herbs and transform them into ready to use shatter, butter, oils, and other associated materials.  With 16 fully automatic microprocessor controlled program sequences you can systematically make yourself botanical oils, butters, and tinctures in a matter of a few hours.  This powerful product has a self cleaning system that works flawlessly, allowing you to focus on the important things like tweaking your magical butter recipes for maximum potency.  Making 2 - 5 cups per cycle, you will have more than enough material to keep your medicated activities going for several lasting chill sessions.  The pitcher on this heavy duty kitchen applicance has been constructed of surgical grade stainless steel, ensuring that it will provide you with years of reliable and faithful butter production.  So what are you waiting for?  Grab the # 1 kitchen appliances for heads today, and start manufacturing your butter like a professional!