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Dr Dabber Boost Black Edition Erig - Vaporizer Vendor

Dr Dabber Boost Black Edition Erig

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  • The Dr. Dabber Boost, now on sale, is a high quality portable E-Rig that is great for vaporizing wax on the go. This is THE BEST product in the industry currently as far as wax vapor quality goes, and this far surpasses everything else on the market. The secret to this devices pure vapor perfection is it's medical grade titanium nail combined with a small water bubbler which allows the vapor to cool off and hydrate a bit before it reaches your lips, leaving you with the most crisp and refreshing vapor clouds on the planet!  If you are serious at all about vaping wax then you absolutely NEED the Boost Portable E Rig in your life! There is simply no other way around it.


    • No Wicks or Coils
    • Portable eRig (eNail)
    • For Solid Wax Concentrates
    • Heats to 700°F in 30 Seconds
    • Utilizes Domless Titanium Nail
    • 50-60 Uses On a Single Charge
    • Includes Glass Water Filtration Attachment

    *This unit is not suitable for dry herbs, only oils and waxes*


    Warranty - 1 Year Warranty (Heating Element) 3 Month Warranty (Battery)

    Dimensions - 2.75 x 6.75 x 7 in.

    Weight - 1.11 lbs.

    Type - Portable

    Compatibility - Waxes

    Delivery Method - Direct Draw

    Heat Source - Battery

    Voltage - 110v