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Dip Stick Portable Concentrate Vape Pen

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  • The Dip Stick vaporizer is an innovative new piece of concentrate vaping technology created by an up and coming vape manufacturer out of Texas, who sought to create a wax pen that didn't suffer from the messy loading problems of other similar products in the marketplace.  This pen has a tip which floats freely in the air, so when it heats up you simply dip it directly into your waxy materials, leaving you with pure vaporization perfection, all while avoiding the messy hassle of having to handle this sticky honey substance that usually gets all over the place while you are attempting to start a new vape session.  

      The Dip Stick has it's place in the wax vaping marketplace, and it definitely deserves some attention.  If you are looking for a high quality, medical grade wax vaping device to take with you on the go, then this is the right product for you.  Built with a slim, sleek design, the Dip Stick vaporizer offers nothing but smooth draws of the purest, most premium clouds of wax vapor on the planet.  Step up to serious wax vaping quality and professionalism with this highly advanced, technologically sound device today!  The Dip Stick is the future of portable wax vaping, so test one out for yourself to experience the latest that this amazing industry has to offer!


      • No Messy Loading 
      • Quick Heat Up Time
      • Premium Vapor Quality
      • Medical Grade Materials
        • Dipstick Chassis
        • (2)Vapor-tips
        • Battery Charger
        • (2) 10440 Batteries
        • Two 10440 Lithium batteries connected, namely DC6.4V-8.4V
        • Package of Cleaning Swabs
        • Magnetic Cap
        • (2) Glass Storage Jar
        • Screwdriver
        • Lanyard