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Dab Ninja Enail - Vaporizer Vendor

Dab Ninja Enail

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  • The Dab Ninja Enail is a precision control, low profile electronic nail that can reach scorching temperatures of up to 990 degrees for extreme concentrate enthusiasts who are looking to take things to the next level.  It comes with a convenient silicone container for storing your concentrates in between hits, and it uses a medical grade T2 certified titanium nail with heat diffusion for maximum performance.

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    Universal 6 in 1 Male / Female T2 Certified Titanium Nail

    The six in one universal male/female T2 certified titanium nail with built-in heat diffusion is a top of the line, medical grade product manufactured with premium materials that will be sure to provide users with long-lasting durability and many repeated pleasurable experiences.


    • T2 certified titanium nail with heat diffusion
    • Comes with silicone container and a Dab tool
    • Temp range up to 990 degrees
    • Precise temperature control
    • Low profile and completely portable