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Boundless CF 710 Vape Pen - Vaporizer Vendor

Boundless CF 710 Vape Pen

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  • The Boundless CF 710 is the very first Electronic Nectar Collector for sale on the vape pen market and provides users with an easy way to vaporize concentrates without the need for a blowtorch and large rig and other tools.  

    The CF710 is on demand so you simply have to hold the power button down to start heating up your coil.  The safety timer will automatically power the device off after 15 seconds to prevent overheating.

    ** Mode B Special Feature ** - Press the power button 3x to enter Mode B and the CF710 will heat up for 15 seconds without having to hold the button down.  Exit Mode B by pressing the power button once.

    Changing the tip - Unscrew the attached heating element counter-clockwise off of the CF710.  Replace with the other heating element and screw on clockwise.

    Rapid USB Charging - Our rapid USB charging technology allows you to reach a full charge in just 2 hours.  A red LED light will display while charging and turn off once fully charged.


    • Ceramic and quartz heating coils
    • Very first electronic nectar collector on the market
    • Convenient method for vaporizing concentrates
    • 900 Mah Battery
    • Mode B special automatic 15-second heat up 


    • 1 x Ceramic rod dabbing tip
    • 1 x Quarts rod dabbing tip
    • 1 x USB charger
    • 1 x Dabber tool
    • 1 x Dabbing canister
    • 1 x Manual