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AirVape X Vaporizer

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  • The AirVape X is a high quality portable vaporizer for use with dried herbal blends, and uses an extremely unique combination heating system which uses both conduction and convection heating methods in combination with a fully isolated airpath for maximum performance and vapor quality.  

    • Digital Display
    • 20 Second Heat Up Time
    • Ceramic Oven
    • Vibration Notifications
    • Compact Build
    • Customized Auto Shutoff
    • Glass Mouthpiece

    The AirVape uses a high quality ceramic heating chamber in conjunction with a premium style glass mouthpiece which delivers smooth, clean hits of vapor every single time.  We consider this to be a high-end, top shelf vaporizer and it really does deliver a unique experience.  The airflow is great, the draw resistance is perfect, and overall this thing packs a very powerful punch, and comes highly recommended from everyone at our staff.


    • Designed in Venice, CA
    • Thin, sleek body for easy transport
    • Sturdy build quality for long lasting performance
    • Combination style convection / conduction heating method
    • Ultra fast heating
    • Isolated airpath
    • Ceramic chamber + glass mouthpiece
    • Unique heating system
    • Lifetime warranty!
  • Warranty - Lifetime Warranty

    Dimensions - 4 x 6 x 2 in.

    Weight - .65 lbs

    Type - Portable

    Compatibility - Herbs, Waxes 

    Delivery Method - Direct Draw

    Heat Source - Battery

    Voltage - 110v

    Use While Charging? - Yes

  • Click Here To Download The AirVape X Instruction Manual