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Puffco Pro 2

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  • The Puffco Pro 2 builds on the extreme popularity and success of it's predecessor "the original puffco pro", but now comes fully equipped with an upgraded, stainless steel thread-free mouthpiece, shock absorbent silicone cap, and removable splash guard.  With these amazing new features and upgraded materials, it's no wonder that the Puffco Pro 2 is one of the most popular wax vape pens in high demand throughout the entire vaporizer industry.

    New Feature - Sesh Mode

    Sesh mode is an innovative new feature from Puffco which allows the user the ability to double tap the cloud icon to instantly usher in 12 seconds of uninterrupted vaping pleasure, and then it powers back off.  This is an extremely ingenious invention that allows users to benefit from taking a quick puff from their puffco and then resuming their daily activities.  Be sure to comment in the reviews to let us know how you like this new feature, and if you find yourself using it regularly.