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Dr Dabber Ghost Vape Pen - Vaporizer Vendor

Dr Dabber Ghost Vape Pen

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  • The Dr. Dabber Ghost Pen is a high quality bulb style vaporizer that is designed strictly for oils / concentrates and employs a titanium atomizer to achieve lower and more accurate vaporizing temperatures. The custom titanium atomizer on this unit also sits a bit deeper in the chamber, reducing the amount of leakage and enabling you to add a lot more material than you would be able to with a conventional atomizer.  

    Each kit comes with a dab tool, shatter proof silicon ball, micro-USB charger, and a user manual. This pen has received a flood of positive reviews from members of popular vaping forums online, and has an extremely positive reputation in the marketplace. Many experienced vape enthusiasts consider this product to be the most advanced concentrate pen in the marketplace by a long shot.

    Accessories (Included):

    • 1 x Battery
    • 1 x Ghost Wax Atomizer
    • 1 x Ghost Attachment
    • 1 x Mouthpiece
    • 1 x Wax Storage Container
    • 1 x Dab Tool
    • 1 x Micro-USB Charger
    • 1 x Manual 

    Premium Vapor Production

    The titanium atomizer on the Dr. Dabber allows it to produce large amounts of extremely high quality, flavorful vapor draws.  On a scale of 1 - 10, the Dr. Dabber's vapor quality is a 10, it's that good!  This is the pen that the vape veterans on the popular forums use, and you know how critical they are of the products in this industry.  A lot of people will try a cheap vaporizer pen and then get a negative outlook on vaporizers in general, but that's only because they haven't tried a real vaporizer such as this one.  I guarantee once you have tried this product, you will know the true meaning of vaporization.  Most of the pens in the marketplace are lower tier products, but the Dr. Dabber produces nothing but top shelf, quality vapor.


    Warranty - 6 Months

    Dimensions - 2 x 3.25 x 6 in.

    Weight - 45 lbs

    Type - Portable Pen

    Compatibility - Wax

    Delivery Method - Direct Draw

    Heat Source - Battery

    Voltage - 110v


    Click Here to Download the PDF Instruction Manual