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Cloud V Platinum - Vaporizer Vendor

Cloud V Platinum

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  • The Cloud V Platinum is one of the most highly recommended wax vaporizer pens on the market, with an astounding reputation and excellent customer reviews.  The Cloud V Platinum is the latest version, with a bigger heating chamber and window that lets you see the vapor as it's being produced.  If you go on well known forums and vaporizer review sites, you will see nothing but positive reviews on this product, as it has been well received by the vaporizer community.  If you are looking to vape wax / concentrates, and need a reliable, trusted pen, then this is the right product for you.

    Accessories (Included):

    • 1 x Battery
    • 1 x Mouthpiece
    • 1 x Mouthpiece Tip
    • 1 x Platinum Tornado Atomizer
    • 1 x USB Charger
    • 1 x Dab Tool
    • 1 x User Manual 

    Tornado Atomizer

    One of the newest features for the Cloud V Platinum is it's Tornado Atomizer, which heats concentrates with a 40% improved heating capacity when compared with other atomizers in the marketplace.  The Tornado Atomizer is extremely efficient, and produces high quality, flavorful vapor every single time.  Not only is the vapor produced extremely clean and pure, but it is also very potent.  This atomizer is great at extracting all of the active ingredients from your concentrates and turning them into a plume of high quality vapor.  This atomizer is made from medical grade materials and only offers the highest quality vaping experience possible.

    Slimmer Design

    The new Cloud V Platinum has had some of it's extra fat shaved off, now available in a much more compact version that is great for transporting around with you when you travel.  With it's much thinner dimensions, it has now become even easier to slide this pen right into your pocket while you are on the go, for easy access whenever you feel like taking a draw.  The Cloud V Platinum is one of the thinnest pens on the market, and that makes it an extremely attractive purchase along with it's many amazing features.  That's exactly what you want in a good vape pen, a compact design with supreme functionality that requires little maintenance.

    Final Thoughts

    Overall, the Cloud V Platinum is one of the best options currently available in the marketplace for vaporizing wax / concentrates, and should be at the top of your list for vapes to look at for this purpose.  It's compact, highly efficient, and works extremely well for what it was designed to do.  A lot of other vapes on the market don't perform as expected, and ultimately end up letting the customer down.  The Cloud V Platinum delivers, bottom line!  

  • Warranty - Lifetime (Battery)

    Dimensions - 2 x 5.75 x 3.5 in.

    Weight - .93 lbs

    Type - Portable Pen

    Compatibility - Waxes

    Delivery Method - Direct Draw

    Heat Source - Battery

    Voltage - 110v

  • Click Here to Download the PDF Instruction Manual