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Vaporizer Pens also commonly referred to as "vape pens" or "vapor pens" are slim pen-like devices that are designed for use with herbs, oils, and concentrates.  There are even some multi function pen vapes like the Quickdraw 300 DLX  that are compatible with all of the various materials including waxes, oils, and dried herbal blends. Although these multi function units typically sacrifice performance in the dry herb department (Except for the Quickdraw mentioned above which uses a high quality ceramic heating chamber), so if you are a huge fan of dry, then you might want to buy something strictly for that, otherwise you will probably end up disappointed with the mediocre performance of the coil elements used in these cheaper units.

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If you are looking for a unit that is designed specifically for dry herb then I would recommend checking out the Cloud V Phantom Premium, or the Atmos Orbit as these are all quality devices that will actually vaporize your herbs unlike many of the cheaper products in the marketplace.  The Atmos Orbit is a bit on the larger side, and it's more along the lines of a portable vaporizer, not really a pocket sized stealthy one hitter, so please keep that in mind.  We don't want to mislead anyone here.  Anyway, those are the main products that we recommend checking out, if you have any questions about which one to buy, hit us up at