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Pulsar Elite Series Mini Enail - Vaporizer Vendor

Pulsar Elite Series Mini Enail

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  • The Pulsar Elite Mini E-nail is yet another amazing creation by the company, Pulsar, which allows users the best and most customized vape experience for wax and concentrates. For the affordable price of $199.99, consumers will be impressed with this device's precision temperature control which allows a range from 0 to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit, and the unit's compatibility with both titanium and quartz e-nails. This gem also a lengthy five foot heating cord and the coil is derived from titanium in order to achieve both dense and tasty clouds. Adding to the Pulsar Elite's appeal, is the fact that it's very portable and easy to operate for customers that travel frequently. All in all, this e-nail kit is a fantastic addition to any wax vapor enthusiast's troupe.