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Aromed AroMed 4.0 Dry Herb - Vaporizer Vendor

AroMed 4.0

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  • The AroMed Vaporizer is a unique kind of vaporizer. It is an extremely precise hot-air vaporizer. You can inhale the active substances of any given plant (for your health & wellness, enjoyment, or recreation).  The active vapor that you get will be free of any harmful substances, too. This is ensured with a hot air source of certified purity and a water filter.

     The hot air comes from an ultraviolet-free halogen bulb (it saves energy). A precise microprocessor controls it.  You can vaporize essential oils, tinctures, plant material, or waxes with this vaporizer. You’ll find that the AroMed is a very versatile device.  The hot air source goes above the plant material. Therefore, it is just during inhalation that the active substances are released. You can fill the AroMed with more than one substance, and inhalation can be done to the user’s exacting without switching off.

     The AroMed will release more than 90% of the active substances for inhalation.  The AroMed vaporizer is designed for precision, power, and perfection. Pick it up if you’ll settle for nothing less in a vaporizer. It’s the one to buy if you are serious about vaporizing. 

    Advantages At A Glance 

    • Efficacious: The hot air stream extracts over 90% of the active substances from any tincture or medicinal herb. It works just as well for tobacco, or any of the other myriad waxes, plant materials, tinctures, or essential oils that you want to use. You will get a quick effect shortly after inhalation.
    • Watch It Go: The glass herb holder lets you watch the extraction during inhalation. That’s pretty fun.
    • Reduction Of Harmful Substances: Precise heat controls stops carcinogenic substances and tars from getting inhaled. Plus, the additional water filters helps to clean the inhaled vapors of dust particles and other debris.
    • Pure Aroma: You inhale just the purest active substances. The filtration and hot air stream helps keep out the bad stuff.  

    This is an advanced product with every detail of its construction thought out precisely. The overall goal is safeguard your health and offer you a better vaporizing experience. If that’s what you want, then this is the device for you. 

    How To Use 

    You can begin to use this unit just a couple of minutes after switching it on. Compare to that slow-acting devices that waste needless time and take the fun out of vaporizing. Let’s look at how to use it. 

    • Fill it with the water and plant material
    • Connect the heat source
    • Select the desired temperature
    • Inhale   

    It couldn’t be any simpler to use. It was designed so that a novice could use it. You will be able to figure it out quickly. 

    Why Should You Buy This Product? 

    This is a serious medical device. It was designed for the person who relies on vaping for medical purposes. However, it will work well with any plant material, like tobacco.

  • Warranty - 3 Years (Heating Element & Electronics)

    Dimensions - 11 x 4.50 x 12 in.

    Weight - 5.30 lbs

    Type - Whip Style

    Compatibility - Herbs

    Delivery Method - Hands Free

    Voltage - 110v

    Screen Size - AroMed Standard Screen Size

  • Click Here to Download the PDF Instruction Manual