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Arizer V Tower Vaporizer

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  • The Arizer V Tower is a high quality desktop vaporizer that is ideal for vaping flowers. It is very similar to the Extreme Q, except it's about $50 cheaper and lacks some of the added features. For instance, it doesn't come with a remote control and you also cannot use balloons with this vape. Everything else is pretty much the same.  This unit is perfect for those who are looking for that well known Arizer quality but don't have the budget for the Extreme Q.  It provides the same premium quality vapor draws and long lasting durability at a fraction of the cost. It gives you that highly sought after Arizer quality without breaking your wallet.

    Accessories (Included):

    • 1 x 3 ft. Food Grade Vinyl Tubing
    • 1 x Glass Cyclone Bowl
    • 1 x Mini Whip w/ Glass Elbow Adapter
    • 1 x Mouthpiece
    • 1 x Glass Stirring Tool
    • 1 x Additional Replacement Screens
    • 1 x Potpourri/Oil Dish 

    Solid Build Quality

    When it comes to build quality, you will be hard pressed to find anything that is more sturdy than Arizer's products.  They take great care to ensure that they only produce long lasting, high quality vaporizers.  This vape is made with reinforced medical grade materials that will supply nothing less than satisfying, flavorful vapor draws.  If you are tired of messing around with smaller vapes that simply don't pack enough punch then this vape is right up your alley.  This medical grade vaporizer is capable of producing MASSIVE clouds of the purest vapor on the planet, so you'd better strap in and suit up!  When it comes to quality, nobody does it like Arizer and the plethora of positive customer reviews and testimonials speak for themselves.


    Warranty - Lifetime (Heating Element), 3 Years (Electronics)

    Dimensions - 8.75 x 7.75 x 10 in.

    Weight - 3 lbs

    Type - Whip Style

    Compatibility - Herbs

    Delivery Method - Hands Free

    Voltage - Dual (110v + 220v)

    Screen Size - Arizer Dome Screen

  • Click Here to Download the PDF Instruction Manual

  • Arizer V Tower Vaporizer has a rating of 4.6 stars based on 8 reviews.
Arizer V Tower Vaporizer has a rating of 4.6 stars based on 8 reviews.