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Which USA Based Vaporizer Store Has Free Shipping And Cheap Prices?

If you have been searching for the best USA-based Vaporizer Store that has fast, free shipping combined with extremely low prices and outstanding customer service then you are in the right place. has been in business since 2013 back when we were operating under a different brand known as Portable Vaporizers Now and we have since expanded our operation to include wholesale distribution and drop-shipping vaporizer products as well.  Our company prides ourselves on providing our customers with the cheapest prices online combined with free shipping which allows us to maintain our position at the forefront of the Vaporizer industry.

We have been looking out for customers in the Vaporizer Industry since 2013!

Our company prides ourselves on being able to review the latest vape pens, wax vaporizers, and desktop vaporizers in the marketplace to let our customers and blog readers know which products are actually worth purchasing.  We have reviewed literally hundreds of different vaporizer pens from each of the various different manufacturers and brands from around the industry such as Arizer, Dr. Dabber, Atmos RX, Volcano, Herbalizer, Grenco Science, White Rhino, and other similar brands.  There are multiple different types of portable vapes, desktop vapes, and vape pens which are designed specifically for use with all of the different types of substances that are on the market.

What Types Of Materials Are Used With Vapor Pens?

  • Waxes & Concentrates - Concentrated forms of substances are available to vape with our different types of vaporizers that use titanium and other similar metal coils to instantly vaporize these highly concentrated forms of waxes that are extremely popular in 2018 throughout the industry.
  • Dried Herbal Blends - Dried herbs are one of the oldest forms of substances that are commonly vaporized with these types of devices and are able to provide a much cleaner and healthier experience when compared to smoking.
  • Oils & Liquids - The third type of material/substance that is able to be vaporized with these types of devices is oils and liquids such as highly concentrated forms of pressed oil which contains much higher concentrations of the active ingredient in these materials.

To learn more details about which types of vaporizers to use with your various types of substances and materials on the market please read our Introduction To Vaporizers Article on our blog.

Why Shop With Our Online Vaporizer Store?

If you have been searching for the best vape store online which offers their customers free shipping along with outstanding customer service then please at least consider us here at  Our company selects only the finest vaporizer products from around the industry and puts them up for sale on our online store at the lowest possible prices online backed with stellar customer service through our email support ticket system.  We have been selling vaporizers, vape pens, desktop vapes, and oil vapes for several years now and we have an ironclad return policy combined with outstanding customer service and real customer reviews as well.

Most customers expect a high level of service when they are shopping online for a quality vaporizer product, so having a company who specializes in reviewing these products and posting them regularly on our blog to provide our readers with the most accurate and updated information relating to what's available is extremely valuable for newcomers and veteran vape users alike.  We are dedicated to providing our customers with the most accurate and up-to-date info from around the vape industry to provide them with the necessary insights and details that will allow them to make informed decisions instead of hastily buying shoddy products that don't perform as good as the vetted brands and manufacturers that we carry on our vape store.