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What Is The Cheapest Dry Herb Vaporizer Pen For Flower?

If you are new to dry herb vaping then you may have started wondering to yourself "what is the cheapest dry herb vaporizer pen?" and of course the answer to that question is the Jump Vaporizer By Atmos Technologies due to its low price tag of only $59.95 which is much lower than all of the other similar devices in this same price range.  You might also be interested in some of our other dry herb vape pens designed for flower which you can read more about in our dry herb category page which you can find through the main navigation website menu.

Forget buying cheap vape pens that will only last a few days or weeks (and trust us we've seen it over and over again with the Snoop Dogg G Pen) because you will only end up spending all of your hard-earned money on parts, where those costs could have been offset if you simply had focused on buying something that was a bit more reliable from the onset.  It's much more intelligent to spend a little bit more cash upfront and get yourself a vape pen that can actually vape instead of trying to save a couple of dollars and now you have a broken pen that can't vape right and it needs parts.  

After analyzing literally hundreds of cheap and essentially worthless dry herb vape pens out there on the market we have found that the Jump Vaporizer is definitely one of the only ones that is actually worth purchasing and spending your hard-earned money on.  Not only does the Jump have a much larger heating chamber compared to other similar discreet herb vapor pens on the market, but it also has a longer-lasting battery life which sets it apart from other similar units that simply can't compete with Atmos RX's superb manufacturing standards.

atmos jump dry herb vape pen kit

Some of you vaping experts out there may be thinking "but wait a minute there are plenty of cheaper vape pens than the Atmos Jump" to which I will reply "those are not real vape pens because they don't actually vaporize".  That's right, most of the cheap junk that you will see for sale in the $50 - $60 price range is complete garbage that isn't worth purchasing at all.  I'm sure that we'll get an angry message or email from one of our customers who claims that there is some cheap chinese piece of herbal vaping garbage that produces "decent clouds" but we aren't interested in these bottom shelf units, only stuff that we would actually buy.

Since we wouldn't buy those cheaper Chinese knock-off's we haven't included them in our review.  To find out more information about the Atmos Jump Herbal Vape Pen please read our detailed Jump review here as we answer the question "is the Atmos Jump A Real Vaporizer Pen"?  If you don't think the Jump is a real Vape Pen then I'd hate to see your opinion of some of the real "burn the crap out of your herb vapes" such as the Snoop Dogg G Pen and the old school Atmos Raw which both use coils instead of a stainless steel heating chamber like the Jump does.

That's the main difference that separates the Jump from the rest of the crown is it's stainless steel 0.5g heating chamber that allows the user to pack their herbs in and vaporize them with a push of a button.  Some users claim that tightly packing the herb chamber of the Jump with finely ground herbs will help it vaporize more effectively, and we tend to agree.  However, you don't want to pack it too tightly because then you could end up having problems of not getting enough vapor production.