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Things to Avoid When Vaping Dry Herb

The practice of vaping is almost an art form, and the list of do's and don'ts is extensive. Every user ultimately shares the same goal of reaching higher places and enjoying their sessions thoroughly. Some vape enthusiasts may prefer to inhale slow draws for more potent hits, while others may prefer short sips for a lighter session. Additionally, there may be some variation in what heating method a user may choose: conduction and convection heating style vaporizers both have their own set of pro's and cons. Regardless of whatever your preference is for intaking your herb, there are some practices that should, without doubt, be avoided. The following list is composed of everything you should steer clear from when you're vaping dry herb.

#1 Using low quality herb

There are times to be cheap, but when you're vaping, it's really important to invest in good dry herb. The sad truth of the matter is you can use the best desktop or portable vaporizer on the market, but if you load it with garbage, then your clouds will taste like garbage. Always be sure to touch your dry herb material, if it's dried out or disintegrates into fragments then it's probably poor quality. Herbs that are slightly moist taste better and are less prone to combustion. There are also review sites where you can learn about the strain of dry herb that you plan on purchasing. A quick google search is always recommended prior to trying a new strain.


#2 Avoid burning the dry herb

Vaporizers do a great job on their own of avoiding this. You will find many vapes come with pre-set temperature settings that usually do not exceed 430 degrees Fahrenheit. Other units (typically devices on the higher end) may offer precision temperature control with a larger temperature range. If your device allows for higher temperatures, it's recommended that you don't opt for a temperature higher than 450 degrees, as this will result in nasty, burnt herb. The whole point of vaping is to avoid combustion so it's important to be responsible in this regard. Another word of caution: do not go to the opposite extreme either and set the temperature too low since temps less than 350 degrees won't create clouds.

#3 Avoid conspicuous usage

Although vaping is perfectly legal in the United States, using your unit in a flamboyant manner may draw unwanted attention. The use of CBD, for its many medicinal and therapeutic benefits, is on the rise, but unfortunately, the hemp plant is still mistaken by ignorant people for a different herb at times. The best advice is to exert caution while vaping in a public setting. Always be sure to obey rules and regulations regarding usage in different venues and remember that the use of vaporizers is prohibited in air crafts. Portable vapes have made it possible to enjoy sessions on the go, but it's important to pay attention to your surroundings and avoid conflict.