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The Latest in Vape Clothing: Fashion and Function

Clothing is considered one of the ultimate forms of expression. The way you dress and the items you choose to wear can reflect your beliefs, character traits, hobbies, and favorite things. This is why many vapers are choosing to incorporate their vaping hobby into their functional wardrobe. With these pieces, not only will you be fashionable and comfortable, but you’ll also be telling the world about one of your favorite pastimes.

Helpful Hoodies

One of the staples of the modern vaping wardrobe is the hoodie. Hoodies are already one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing, often featuring loose yet warm fabric and an adjustable hood to protect from the wind and rain.

Experienced vapors have taken this article of clothing to the next level. Now there are many hoodies on the market which feature hidden places for vapes. Some have the space in the sleeves, but the most common choice is to place the vape in the string of the hoodie so you can vape without anyone knowing.

When picking one of these hoodies, it is also possible to find articles that are resistant to the fumes from vaping. These are ideal if you like to keep your habit a secret, since no one will be able to smell your E-juice after you have a go.

Simple T-Shirts

Do you live somewhere warm? Another option for high quality vape clothing is the standard hooded t-shirt. These are often made from breathable, lightweight clothing and can incorporate a broad range of graphics and images for a little extra pizzazz.

Similar to the sweatshirts, most vape t-shirts have hoodies to keep the device hidden from you. You can install your own cartridge into the strings, or you can find a shirt that has everything pre-installed.

Also similar to standard hoodies, vape t-shirts tend to be resistant to the fumes so people cannot tell when you have been using your device. Again, this can be great for a broad range of reasons. Maybe you don’t like exposing others to your habit. Maybe you would like to keep it a secret. Whatever the case may be, there is bound to be a shirt for you.


A less useful but still stylish subset of vaping fashion is the accessories. You can’t actually use your e-juice by wearing these, but they still tell the world what you like to do and how much you enjoy vaping.

The most common type of accessory is the standard baseball hat with a graphic or slogan related to vaping. Not only do they make a great conversation starter when meeting new people, but they also protect from the sun.

It is also possible to purchase beanies, backpacks, arm bands, and even gloves that depict the benefits of vape nation.


Don’t limit your wardrobe to plain t-shirts, single function sweatshirts, and boring add-ons. Have some fun with your clothes by hiding your device, improving functionality, or simply starting new conversations with your hobbies.