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The K-Vape Pro Review

KandyPens is one of those brands that have been around forever and has an established customer base. They offer a wide range of products that vary in price and quality, from high-end units to ultra budget vapes. Here at Vaporizer Vendor, we strive to sell only the cream of the crop, and therefore, after thoroughly testing all their products, we decided to only sell a handful of their best units. The following review will discuss one of our personal favorites, the K-Vape Pro. This dry herb vaporizer retails at the very affordable price of $99.97, it hits hard, and it tastes smooth and delicious. Basically, it has all the makings of a potential KandyPens 2019 best-seller.


Vapor Quality

The K-Vape Pro creates awesome clouds that are milky, flavorful, and dense. The vapor quality is lovely, especially when you consider that the price point is below $100. The clouds never get too warm, and the glass mouthpiece definitely enhances the overall experience. Something we did notice is that the unit takes a bit to get started, though; this means that you won't get huge, thick clouds until the vape has been on and running for at least a minute or two. Additionally, you will need to take slow and steady draws in order to get the maximum vapor output, so if you like short rips, you may want to look elsewhere.


Portability / Build

The K-Vape Pro has a classy, elegant build that is reminiscent of higher-end units. The unit comes in solid black, it has a slightly thicker base at the bottom, and the glass mouthpiece sits at the top. The K-Vape Pro features one button which serves to turn the device on and toggle through temperature. The front of the device displays the K logo which changes colors depending on the selected temperature and four LED circular light displays. This vape feels great in the palm of your hand, as it only weighs 0.17 lbs, and it's easy to discreetly transport since it is less 5 five inches in length.



The K-Vape Pro has an 1100 mAH variable voltage battery that is quite effective. We tested the unit repeatedly and we're happy to report that you can expect at least an hour of continuous use on the highest temperature setting. On the downside, the device does take a long time to charge up and you are looking at up to three hours to reach a full charge. This problem is minimized though since the unit has the pass-through charge feature (aka you can use it while it's charging!).


Temperature Control

The K-Vape Pro has four pre-set temperature settings that are color-coded, and it uses a hybrid heating method. The heating chamber was constructed from ceramic for improved flavor, and the oven capacity is stated to be 0.5 grams, but we found that the unit really doesn't hold more than 0.3 grams of herb maximum. As far as temperature settings go, the four pre-set temperatures are 350 (blue), 375  (yellow), 400 (green), and 428 (red) degrees Fahrenheit. This range is more than adequate, and you'll be pleased to know the herb heats evenly in this unit.


Heat Up Time

The K-Vape Pro has a slower than average heat up time. It typically takes about forty seconds to fully heat up to max temperature. Also, we did notice that the unit doesn't allow for heavy hits until at least a minute has passed. The trade-off for the long wait time is that you can expect some delicious, high-grade vapor once the it gets going.



The K-Vape Pro has a price tag of $99.97, which is super reasonable. To be honest, most competing units under $100 are not as sleek, attractive and high-performing as this one. In terms of quality, the Starry X-Max V3 is an excellent unit that's comparable to the K-Vape Pro. Additionally, the majority of devices produced by KandyPens tend to only be compatible with concentrates and waxes, thus it's also a steal to be able to purchase a decent dry herb vape from them.


Ease of Use

The K-Vape Pro comes with an instructional card for new users, but you'll find that you can use the device intuitively. In order to get started, take off the glass mouthpiece, and load up your oven. Packing around 0.2 grams of herb is sufficient and this quantity should give you decent size clouds. Next, place the mouthpiece back, and turn the unit on by clicking the center button five times in a row. Holding down the same button will allow you to toggle through temperature options and the K LED color will change depending on what you select. When the LED display stops flashing and turns solid, begin your session and inhale the fresh vapor.


Cleaning / Maintenance

Your K-Vape can be simply cleaned after each use. All you have to do is remove the mouthpiece to uncover the heating chamber and use the dab tool to scrape out the large chunks of herb. Use the scrubby brush that comes in the box to clear out residue that cakes in the oven. The mouthpiece can be cleaned by removing it from the base of the unit and wiping it down. Never soak the K-Vape Pro handpiece/base, as this can and will ruin the electrical components and will ultimately lead to unit failure.


Who’s it best for?

The K-Vape Pro will be the perfect purchase for dry herb fans of KandyPens, for users looking for a quality unit under $100, and for anyone that enjoys stealthy and easy sessions on the go. If you know that you like units with some temperature flexibility, good cloud output, and yummy herb flavor, then you will not be disappointed with the K-Vape Pro. However, anyone that desires more features, faster heat up times, and a longer battery life should opt out of this purchase. Consider buying at a higher price point if you require more, preferably the $100 to $150 category.