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The AirVape Xs Go Review (and who is it for)

The market for budget-friendly, hard-hitting vaporizers is always expanding, and the under $100 category is a relatively competitive niche. We, consumers, have a huge selection to choose from and even if we are shopping in a lower price range, there are still high expectations for these vapes. Retail price, portability and vapor quality are typically the top three factors. You're probably already familiar with popular units such as the Pulsar APX V2, and the Boundless CFC 2.0. Airvape is another recognizable name, and they just released a new unit called the AirVape Xs Go. This device has all the tell-tale signs of being an excellent, economic pick, as it hits hard and only costs $69.


Vapor Quality

The AirVape Xs Go succeeds in ripping while still preserving herb flavor! The unit utilizes a hybrid heating system (conduction and convection elements) and a ceramic oven in order for the herb to heat evenly and to produce clouds that taste robust and flavorful. The isolated air-path that keeps the electrical components separate also contributes to cool, smooth hits. This unit has amazing functionality in respect to its price.


Portability / Build

The AirVape Xs Go only weighs about 0.13 pounds, and it's about 3.8 inches in length. Basically, it's both super discreet and portable: the unit is stealthy enough to conceal in your hand. The overall build of the Xs Go is attractive with comfort grips and the unit comes in just one style in a mixed black/gray color. The device features the AirVape logo on the front, a single button that is used to power on and off the unit, and toggle through temperature selections, and five small LED light lines that indicate selected temperature. At the bottom is the usb port, and the top of unit is where the plastic mouthpiece is located. We think that you'll enjoy the design and feel of the AirVape Xs Go excluding the plastic mouthpiece; everyone prefers glass mouthpieces and for good reason, but it's not common to find in units less than $90.



The AirVape Xs Go contains an 800 mAH battery. This is a smaller power supply than some of the more expensive sister products like the AirVape X, which comes with a 1300 mAH battery. This AirVape Xs Go will provide close to an hour of continuous usage before needing a charge. Short battery life may seem like a downside, but the ultra short charge time of 45 minutes, and ability to enjoy pass-through charging minimize this factor.


Temperature Control

The AirVape Xs Go is similar to the Pulsar APX V2, the Xvape Fog and the Boundless CF in regards to temperature control. What all of these units have in common is that they offer five pre-set temperature settings, and they all do a decent job of reaching and maintaining temperature. The AirVape Xs Go uses five LED display lines to indicate temperature settings. The smallest line is the lowest temperature and the longest line is at the top and is the maximum temperature. The programmed settings include 355, 375, 390, 405 and 420 degrees Fahrenheit, and these temperatures can be scrolled through by holding down the button and watching the indicator light move.



Heat Up Time

The AirVape Xs Go reaches your selected temperature rapidly! The company advertises a twenty second heat up time which is true for the low to mid range temperatures and definitely impressive. However, if you select the max temperature of 420 degrees Fahrenheit, expect a heat up time of exactly thirty seconds. A ten second difference is almost negligible but still good to know for those of you that want to hit it hard immediately.



The AirVape XS Go is a great deal since it's priced ultra cheap, but exhibits good functionality. With most online retail stores selling it for $69, this unit is bound to attract a lot of attention over the next couple months. We've tried a plethora of economic units and it gets frustrating to sift through less than stellar units at times. Luckily what you'll find is that the AirVape Xs Go meets the 3 P's standards: portability, power and price. It hits hard, it's easy to conceal and we can all afford it. What's not to like?


Ease of Use

You literally cannot mess up while using this unit! The way the AirVape Xs Go operates is how we wish all units would function. Start by popping off the mouthpiece and loading your oven; a medium to fine grind works pretty well with this device. Then pop your mouthpiece back in, and power your unit on by clicking the single button five times in succession. The 3 bottom LED lights will flash and the unit will start heating to selected temperature which you can scroll through by holding down the same button. Wait twenty to thirty seconds (the light will turn solid) and then enjoy! (P.S. There is no haptic feedback so take a look at your LED display lights to verify.)


Cleaning / Maintenance

The AirVape Xs Go comes with some basic loading and cleaning tools that will make your life easy. Any large residue herb can be easily removed with the packer, and the scrubby brush is great for getting rid of smaller particles. Wiping the corners of the bowl with a dry Q-tip periodically is always a good idea as well. Do not soak the unit or get it wet.


Who’s it best for?

In our opinion, the AirVape Xs Go can really be recommended to anyone that's on budget. It's a great unit for users that are new to vaping, as well as vaporizer veterans that don't want to spend too much. It obviously is not the fanciest of devices, and it doesn't have coveted features such as mobile app pairing and precision digital temperature control, but it's super portable, easy to use, has excellent functionality, hits hard and it produces some quality clouds. The best way to summarize this is a simple comparison. The AirVape Xs Go is comparable in nature to units such as the Pulsar APX, and SeshGear Commute, so use those as your frame of reference. All in all, if you purchase the unit with realistic expectations, you will be more than satisfied.