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Pulsar APX Version 2 Review

Successful Beginnings - V1 Development

You may have heard of the extremely successful predecessor of the v2, the Original APX Vaporizer created by well-known vape manufacturer Pulsar, which was a smashing success all throughout the entire vaporizer industry.  The version 1 of this vape devastated the vape industry with an unbeatable price tag and unrivaled economic performance that left other vape manufacturers wondering how Pulsar managed to pull this one off.

Before the other vape companies could even figure out what was happening, Pulsar sold a ton of APX V1 vaporizers in their first week, smashing the sales of other similarly designed units which have been released and launched by competing manufacturers over the years.  "Every company was striving to do what Pulsar accomplished", one vape expert has been quoted saying, "they developed a highly affordable dry herb vape that didn't break the bank and actually vaporizes your herbs instead of burning them".

apx v2 dry herb chamber

New And Improved Pulsar Version 2 APX Vaporizer

The new and improved Pulsar APX v2 has ditched the screen and opted for a fancy silicone insert in its place, allowing it to instantly vaporize even the thickest dried herbal blends in a matter of seconds.  We absolutely love this vape because it's extremely portable and easy to carry around with you wherever you decide to go.  It also recharges pretty fast too, so it's never much of a hassle when it comes to maintenance with these handheld Pulsar vapes. 

The enhanced LED display and improved mouthpiece also makes this a great performer that is sure to deliver a premium experience.  I don't know, it's really quite simple when you break it all down.  Pulsar created an inexpensive, well-performing dry herb vape that doesn't break the bank and the market responded.  They deserve every single sale they get, and please don't buy cheap imitations on eBay.  Only use certified, authorized Pulsar resellers such as us here at Vaporizer Vendor.

Faster Heat-Up Timeapx pulsar v2 black silver vape

Not only does the v2 have a larger herb chamber that no longer requires a screen, but it also now has a much faster 30-second heat-up time which is a lot quicker than the original APX unit which was taking almost a full 60 seconds to reach vaporization temperatures.  Having a faster heat-up time really makes a big difference, especially when you're out on the road.  If you are in an unfamiliar location, you don't want to be waiting around for your vaporizer to heat up.  That's how paranoia begins, we don't want that!

We definitely recommend them, and on top of all of the great features, they come at an extremely competitive price point that not many other brands in the industry can compete with, let's be honest.  Basically, we haven't seen many other portable herb vapes that are of this good a quality and are also being sold in this same price range.  The manufacturer really took their time to make sure that they were developing and producing a quality product, and it shows in the performance and craftsmanship. 

Enhanced Vapor Quality & Purity

The vapor quality and purity are unmatched on this product when compared with other similar units from around the market, so please keep that in mind as well when you are considering your purchase.  Pulsar has always made quality products, and we have been carrying their stuff for years.  They have always stuck to the same standard - quality products at an affordable price.  I think they have stayed true to their original business goals, and we wish them nothing but success in their future endeavors.