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Puffco Plus Vaporizer On Sale Now At The Lowest Price Online

puffco plus with top cap removedThe real flagship product coming out of Puffco, the Puffco Plus vaporizer is maybe the most perfect compact vaporizer ever produced – and you’d have to be at least a little bit crazy to sleep on or ignore everything that it has to offer at this almost unbelievably low price tag. 

Compact, elegantly designed, and featuring a 100% coil free chamber (something we will highlight in just a second), this vaporizer is going to be able to vaporize most anything you throw at it while producing thick, rich, even, flavorful, and consistent clouds of vapor for a lot longer than pretty much any other compact vaporizer on the market today. 

Seriously. This is a next generation vaporizer that you don’t want to miss out on. 

Puffco spared no expense and cut no corners when designing the Puffco Plus 

It’s immediately obvious that the folks at Puffco completely throughout the entire rulebook when it came to creating and designing the Plus, as this is one of the most premium looking and feeling compact vaporizers you’re going to come across these days. 

The overall design and aesthetic looks a lot like something that the folks at Apple or Samsung would have produced, with clean lines, high-end construction materials, and smart ergonomic engineering on full showcase throughout. 

This is also unit that features some pretty special engineering and intelligent choices “under the hood” as well. The coil free chamber produces consistent and efficient airflow, the seamless chamber guarantees no glue or adhesives get into poison your vapor, and the effortless heating module produces consistent and clean vapor that you’re going to be able to enjoy without any headache or hassle whatsoever. 

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Ultrahigh potency with the press of a single button 

One of the really cool things about the Puffco Plus vaporizer is that you can double-click the center button – the temperature control module – and enter “SESSION” mode, producing continuous vaporization for 12 seconds. 

Of course, if you want something to hit really, really hard, you can triple click that same control module and get an entire dose all in one single hit – the heaviest, most flavorful, and most “action-packed” hit any compact vaporizer is capable of producing.

 All of this is again only possible thanks to the ceramic seamless and coil free chamber that the Puffco Plus makes the most of. You’ll get optimal airflow, optimal flavor, and really even heat distribution throughout. The entire Puffco Plus is also a whole lot easier to clean thanks to this ceramic chamber, too! 

Final verdict 

At the end of the day, there are always going to be plenty of high-end vaporizers fighting it out for your money, and many of them are going to promise you the moon in the stars when it comes to results, power, and performance. 

However, as you have no doubt already discovered, no other option on the market today can come close to delivering everything that the Puffco Plus delivers – especially at this almost laughably low price tag. 

You’d have to be crazy to go in any other direction!