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Is The Crafty Vaporizer Still Worth Buying In 2019?

If you have been wondering whether or not the Crafty Vaporizer is still worth buying in 2019 then you are in the right spot.

Vaporizer Vendor has been reviewing high-quality dry herb vaporizers for several years, and we have come to some valuable conclusions about this portable vaping powerhouse from German manufacturer Storz & Bickel.

Here are the top three reasons why the Crafty Vaporizer is still worth purchasing in 2019 and beyond!

Number 1 - The Crafty Vaporizer produces some of the most potent vapor on the entire market.

There is no denying that the Crafty produces some of the hardest hitting vapor draws on the entire marketplace.  When it comes to purity, flavor, and effectiveness this vape stands out far ahead of the pack.

Number 2 - The Crafty Vaporizer while still relatively pricey is one of the best pound for pound portables on the market when it comes to flavor and efficiency which makes it extremely attractive for new users and experts alike.

Some beginner users may think that the price of this dry herb vaporizer is a bit high, but they will likely change their minds once they get to experience the purity and flavor that this unit provides.

Number 3 - Storz & Bickel is one of the most trusted, well-known vaporizer manufacturers in the entire industry.

This company has been around for years and is a highly trusted vaporizer manufacturer that has proven themselves as a market leader by producing some of the most idolized, powerful desktop units on the planet.  Namely the Volcano Digital and Volcano Classic.

Crafty Vaporizer Best Accessories Of 2019

There are a ton of awesome accessories available for the Crafty Vaporizer as well which you can read about by clicking the link in this sentence and reading our other blog post outlining the amazing add-ons that you can buy for this portable masterpiece.  You can get everything from cleaning kits to water pipe attachments, wax pads, and more!  Click on the link above to read that blog post.