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Is The Jump By AtmosRX A Real Vaporizer? Is There Any Combustion?

The Atmos Jump is one of our top selling dry herb vaporizer pens of all time due to its discreet portability and ability to be used quickly and effectively at a moment's notice.  Simply press the power button down quickly 3 times in a row in rapid succession and it's off to the races.

The Jump is an extremely affordable dry herb vaporizer pen that costs just $59.95 and is a cut above all of the other herbal vape pens that are in this same price range.  If you are looking for an entry-level herb pen which won't break the bank and offers consistent performance then the Jump Vaporizer is definitely a smart choice.

Atmos Jump Herb Chamber Size

The Jump can hold about .5 Grams of material in the heating chamber at one time.  Some people claim that if you pack the chamber a bit tighter then it performs better, we tend to agree.  There are definitely some better high-end vape pens for sale on the market, so please consider that when you are considering making this purchase.  If you are a beginner, then this might be a great choice.  However, if you are a veteran vape user then you may want to upgrade to something a bit more effective such as a portable handheld style unit.

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Customer Reviews / Complaints About The Jump

However, not everything is all rainbows and sunshine in the eyes of consumers.  They feel as if the Jump burns a bit hot and tends to combust the herbs even in certain cases.  We can definitely see where these customers are coming from, but we would like to reiterate how truly hard it is for a vaporizer manufacturer to develop a product that delivers premium performance at a meager $60 price tag.

Atmos Technologies has definitely stepped up their game with this product, and we will expect them to release more amazing dry herb vape pens with similar designs and features in the near future.  This company has proven themselves time and time again by releasing superb products that meet the needs and demands of consumers throughout the marketplace.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Jump Vaporizer is a very affordable, entry-level herb vape pen that works efficiently and effectively as it was designed to.  Is it perfect?  No.  But it does offer consumers a viable option to choose from when it comes to being able to vape dried herbs in a convenient fashion with the push of a button.

Does it really combust herbs instead of vaporizing them?  I would say sometimes and maybe if you don't pack it or grind it right.  But most of the time, experiences vapers should be able to get actual vapor out of the device.  Otherwise, you may need to gain more experience in the vaping field before you can effectively operate these smaller portable-style devices without combustion occurring.