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If you have been searching online for the Herbalizer Best Price then you are in luck, because not only do we have the lowest price on the internet on the herbalizer, but we are also offering free overnight shipping, which no other vape store on the internet is offering.  The reason why you can't get the herbalizer for any less than $599 is that the manufacturer has a MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) for their retailers, clearly stating that nobody is allowed to sell the Herbie for less than this specific dollar amount.  So what did we do, realizing that there's no way we're going to undercut the pricing of the competition, we're going to give our customers free overnight shipping to provide that extra value to them, to make it worth purchasing the device from our shop instead of one of our competitors.

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If You Don't Know About The Herbalizer, Brace Yourself!

If you aren't familiar with the best desktop vaporizer ever to be created by human hands then please do yourself a favor and watch this herbalizer review and demo video by the Vape Critic to get the inside scoop on this top shelf, premium desktop vape that can handle any type of substance, has an instant heat up time, and has the capability to use a balloon bag or whip as the delivery method.  For $599 it better be that awesome, right?!

Multi-Functional, Premium Desktop Vaping

The herblizer is quite simply a multi-functional, dual delivery method, premium quality desktop vaporizer with an instantaneous heat up time and solid, heavy-duty manufacturing.  There is quite honestly no other device on the marketplace that performs as well as the herbalizer, and you will see first hand if you're willing to sell out the $599 price tag that the product requires.  If you have done any research at all online about the Herbie, you will quickly see that all of its users unanimously sing it's praises over and over again, and this is one of the highest rated, top performing vaporizers ever created in the history of the industry, so just know that.  If you are interested in learning more about the Herbalilzer, please visit the company website at or check out our very own Herbalizer Product Page to see the devices full list of features and capabilities.  Overall, this is definitely the vape that is at the top of the spectrum, and it even beats out Storz & Bickel's Volcano Digital Vaporizer as the top dog in the premium, high-class desktop vaporizer marketplace lineup.  We have been reviewing vaporizers for several years now, and we've never even come across anything that closely resembles the herbalizer whatsoever, so when we say that this product truly lives up to its own hype, and really does provide the customer with the highest quality, most satisfying herbal vaporization experience known to man, we mean it!!

Competitive Price Point

If you've never bought a vaporizer in your life, then you probably think the price of the herbalizer is absolutely ridiculous, and you would be justified in that thinking.  But for those of you who have previously spent hundreds of dollars on cheap vaporizer pens and portable vaporizers with mediocre results, you are well aware of the fact that in the vaporizer industry you truly get what you pay for, and the case is no different with this product.  At a $599 price tag, this vape is mainly targeted towards high-end users who are willing to spend a premium dollar amount in order to get the most satisfying experience possible with their device.  Trust us, this product is worth spending the money on.  It's much better to save up your dollars and buy something that's going to deliver a high quality, satisfying performance, rather than waste your money on a cheap pen-style vaporizer that's only going to break after a few weeks, or even days worth of use.  When you are willing to bite the bullet and spend those extra dollars up front on a product such as this, you will reap the benefits long term, and you will be much more satisfied with your purchase when compared with the customer who only spent $100 and ended up with an average performing device.

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Free Overnight Shipping

We wanted to offer our customers here at Vaporizer Vendor something truly special and give them something a bit extra that no other vape stores are providing.  So since our hands are tied up from the manufacturer as far as price goes, we decided that offering our customers free overnight shipping was the way to go, so that's what we did.  There is no other vape shop online who is doing this (that we are aware of), and it's really a great selling point.  We figured that if someone is willing to spend that much money on a vaporizer, the least they deserve is to get free overnight shipping on it, so we started this program, and so far it's been working out really well and we've gotten a lot of positive feedback about it.  So what are you waiting for, snatch up the highest quality herbal vaporizer on the marketplace today and get yourself free overnight shipping, so you can start vaping immediately!