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Firefly 2 Vs. The Crafty

Today we are going to compare two of the highest performing portable vaporizers in existence, the Firefly 2 and The Crafty.  A lot of vaporizer enthusiasts have debated over which one to buy if they can only get one, so we figured it would only be right to produce this detailed guide outlining the best features of both, and ultimately leaving it up to you, the buyer, to pick which one you want to use throughout your vaping career.

The Firefly 2 - An Upgraded Portable Powerhouse

The Firefly 2 is an upgraded version of the highly successful original Firefly handheld vaporizer that built it's reputation in the vape industry by providing a more premium level of performance, and delivering that to users on a large scale.

firefly 2 vaporizer

And now the upgraded version uses a unique two-piece design which routes the vapor through a slim chamber in between the two pieces, allowing the vapor some space to cool down, thus increasing the flavor and taste dramatically.  The bottom line is that the Firefly 2 produces strictly premium hits of vapor on a consistent basis, it is definitely a top shelf portable vaporizer for dried herbs.

Top Feature Of The Firefly Over The Crafty

Performance wise, I would say that the Firefly 2 has a more convenient method for charging, loading, cleaning, and turning on / off the vaporizer.  The Crafty tends to have a bit more of a complicated design with more moving parts, while the Firefly 2 is simply two pieces of metal that easily separate for fast cleanings.  The Crafty has a complicated upper chamber that must be disassembled and swabbed out thoroughly, but to be fair you can simply purchase a Crafty wear and tear set and replace these parts regularly.

The Crafty - A Top Shelf Portable Masterpiece

The Crafty is Storz & Bickel's amazing portable brain-child that was developed after years of die hard fans begging the German vaporizer manufacturer to produce something that didn't have to be plugged into a standard wall outlet to operate.  The company responded with a thunderous, double-pronged attack and released both the Mighty and the Crafty at the same time, setting a new gold standard in portable vaporization for several years to come.

the crafty vaporizer dry herb

Top Feature Of The Crafty Over The Firefly

The main piece of functionality that Storz & Bickel's machine has over the Firefly is the Crafty's smooth convection airflow and perfect level of draw resistance.  The bottom line here folks is that while the Firefly's new airpath design is technically impressive and delivers an amazing performance, the Crafty still has a much better airflow and draw resistance due to it's true convection design.  

So throughout my daily usage of these two vaporizers over the period of two weeks, I have been leaning back more and more towards the Crafty due to the amazing airflow, vapor quality, and perhaps most of all, vapor intensity and effectiveness.  I feel like the Crafty gets you much more mileage out of your material.  

"The Crafty is like a giant convection oven that releases high potency clouds of delicious vapor"