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Dab Ninja Enail Review - Electronic Universal 6 in 1 Titanium Nail With Heat Diffusion

Dab Ninja Electronic Nail Wax Vaporizer Review

It has a 20 mm coil heater and the attached threading comes ready for any type of attachment that you have in your vaping kit. The E-Nail is constructed of Grade-2 Titanium and can be swapped out for a quartz nail (although not included).   The powerful heating element on the Dab Ninja can reach a max temperature of 990° F in a very short period of time.  

dab ninja LED display

High Temp Vs. Low Temp With The Dab Ninja

One major decision that you will have to make as a user of the Dab Ninja is what temperature you are going to use the device at.  This will determine the outcome and overall intensity of your experience, so you must choose wisely.  Vaping at higher temperatures is going to burn up your concentrates much faster than lower temperatures, but it will provide much thicker clouds. 

Basically, I guess we're saying that if you are a seasoned veteran and you have used an electronic nail before and you know that your lungs can handle it then go ahead and use those higher temps.  But, if you are a newbie who has never done this before then please make sure that you are starting off at lower temperatures so you don't end up diving in off the deep end.

How To Use The Dab Ninja Enail

To use your Dab Ninja simply plug the power supply directly into a 120v outlet and set your temperature on the front of the unit.  Next, plug the universal titanium nail into the outlet of whatever water pipe rig you will be using alongside the unit (not included).  Then, use your tool to apply your waxy material to your nail and then inhale to your own personal preference of intensity.

dab ninja titanium nail

Buy The Dab Ninja E Nail Online Today

The bottom line is that this is one of the most affordable methods for vaporizing concentrates without using a blowtorch.  If you take a look around the marketplace at the other similar electronic nails that are for sale online, you will quickly realize that this one is much more affordable than comparable units that are fitted with the same features.  If you want to learn more about new vaporizers as soon as they are released on the market then please stay tuned and keep on reading our vaporizer blog.

Special Features Of The Dab Ninja:

  • T2 certified titanium nail with heat diffusion
  • Comes with silicone container and a Dab tool
  • Temp range up to 990 degrees
  • Precise temperature control
  • Low profile and completely portable