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Boundless Tera Portable Herb Vaporizer Review

The Boundless Tera Portable Herb Vaporizer Review

The Boundless Tera is the successor of the extremely successful Boundless CFC and holds two 18650 swappable batteries.  It holds enough battery power for about an hour of full use which is extremely long for a convection vaporizer.  The convection heating system reaches full vaporization temperatures in around 30 seconds which puts it at the top of the market in this category.  

boundless tera stainless steel heating chamber

Stainless Steel Convection Heating Chamber

The stainless steel heating chamber holds around 0.3 grams of material and the bowl heats evenly so there is no need to continuously stir your material every few seconds.  There are three different mouthpieces available - plastic, glass, and water pipe adapter.  The size is rather bulky, but that is to be expected with a full convection vaporizer so you need to sacrifice a bit of size for that added level of performance.

Boundless Tera Concentrate Inserts

There are also concentrate inserts included in the box to allow you the unique ability to vaporize your waxy materials and enjoy those at your own convenience.  A lot of portables don't work well with concentrates, but that's not the case with the Tera, especially because you can use the concentrate inserts in conjunction with the water pipe adapter and turn your unit into a mini concentrate rig.

boundless tera water pipe adapter

Water Pipe Adapter

We absolutely love the fact that there is a water pipe adapter included, as there aren't many devices out there on the market these days with this type of option except for a few here and there.   

How To Enter Concentrate Mode

To enter concentrate mode you click the button on the front 3 times and that will automatically enter the higher heat settings designed for use with concentrates and waxy material.

When vaporizing dried herbs the recommended heat settings are 380 degrees F so please keep that in mind.  Feel free to adjust the temperature lower or higher depending on your personal preferences and how thick you like your clouds.  We prefer not to exceed 385 - 390 max with our dried materials but we realize that other vapers have different perspectives and preferences, and we respect that.

Additional Features

  • Built with medical and food grade material.
  • Non-combustion aromatherapy device
  • Charges fully in 2.5 Hours

What’s Included?

  • Tera Unit (Newest Version 2.0)
  • Glass Mouthpiece
  • Water Pipe Adapter
  • Mouthpiece Screens
  • 2 Lithium-ion 18650 2500 mAh Batteries
  • 5 Stainless Steel Chamber Screens
  • Stainless Steel Mesh Concentrate Pad
  • Packing/Stir Tool
  • Cleaning Brush
  • User Manual

Final Thoughts About Buying A Boundless Tera Vaporizer Online

Boundless has been manufacturing high-quality vaporizers for years, and their portable vaporizers are second to none in the industry when factoring in quality of materials, design, price, and functionality.  The Tera is no exception when it comes to Boundless' high-quality manufacturing standards.  They spent a great deal of money on product development, design, and research to ensure that the consumer gets the most versatile, premium device that they are capable of making.

The Tera offers true convection heating and is comparable to many of the other top tier convection devices that we sell in our portables category.  This is a versatile portable vaporizer designed with a heavy duty convection heating system that sets it far apart from the other devices out there in the industry, so you can rest assured that you are making a smart purchase from a reputable company that is trusted by many consumers, wholesalers, and distrubutors from around the vaporizer industry.