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Boundless CF-710 Electronic Nectar Collector Review

The Boundless CF-710 Electronic Nectar Collector is a top-shelf dabbing utensil designed with medical grade materials and fit for maximum performance.  This complete dabbing kit comes with a dabbing kit, USB cable, and quartz rod dabbing tip, and ceramic rod dabbing tip. 

boundless cf-710 vaporizer dab pen

No Butane Dabbing Torches Needed

There is no need for butane torches when vaping with this high-powered electronic nectar collector which makes it much cleaner and less messy than the traditional methods.  

Dabbing with torches can be dangerous and messy, as well as downright flammable!  If you want to avoid all of that jazz and simply vape some nice concentrates then the CF710 is definitely a good fit for your personal style.  

If you find a better nectar collector for vaping wax then please let us know!

High-Speed USB Charging Port

This sleek electronic vaporizer pen uses a fast-paced electronic USB charging port for high-speed recharging capabilities.  The CF-710 is on demand so you simply press the power button down and it will immediately heat up and you can begin to inhale and vaporize your material.

A red indicator light will come on letting you know that your vaporizer is charging up, and it should reach a full charge within about 2 - 4 hours.

Entering Mode B For High Temp Dabs

Press the power button down 3x fast to enter mode b and start enjoying high temperature dabbing that will blow your socks off!

Changing The Tip

To change the tip on your Boundless CF-710 simply unscrew the old one by turning the element counter-clockwise until it falls off.

Next, screw on your new tip by turning it on in a clockwise motion and then you should immediately be ready to begin vaping again.

Final Thoughts On The CF-710

There are a lot of portable e rigs for sale out there on the marketplace these days, so it's critical that you spend some time researching them and looking for information that will let you take advantage of the best-rated products.