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Best Accessories For The Crafty Vaporizer In 2019

If you haven't bought a Crafty Vaporizer yet then what are you waiting for?  It's one of the top performing portable convection vaporizers currently for sale on the marketplace...and it comes with a variety of available accessories and add-ons which make it still one of the best portable vapes to buy in 2019.

We normally vaporize at 355 with this device and have the booster temp set for 385.  One thing that you will quickly notice with this vape is the vapor purity and intensity is much higher than other comparable devices around the industry.  This is because this vape uses true convection heating technology unlike most of the low-quality conduction handheld units that most consumers in the market are used to.

We have listed the best accessories for the Crafty Vaporizer for sale this year in 2019 below, so please review them and purchase them at your own leisure to upgrade your unit beyond its current performance levels. 

Crafty Vaporizer Accessories

  • Crafty wear and tear set
  • Crafty cooling unit
  • Crafty liquid pads set
  • Crafty mouthpiece set
  • Crafty filling aid
  • Crafty power bank
  • Crafty water pipe adapter
  • Crafty vaporizer dosing capsules

To learn more about why the Crafty is the number one portable herb vaporizer please read the following article.

This vape comes with a 6 step quick start manual that provides you with cleaning instructions and operating instructions.  There is also a full instruction manual included with multiple languages for users from different countries.  The instruction manual is extremely detailed and provides examples for how to use the boost function along with concentrate pad instructions and other details.

How To Use The Crafty With Concentrates

To use the Crafty Vaporizer with concentrates simply add the included filling pads into the chamber and add your liquids/waxes onto the pads and increase the temperature all the way up.  Inhale gently through the mouthpiece and set your temperature to upwards of 400 degrees and now you can enjoy the fantastic vapor production of this top-shelf device.

While this vape is compatible with concentrates we would recommend a concentrate only unit for advanced users.

To learn more about the Crafty please read this article here and you will quickly learn why it is the top handheld convection vaporizer on the market.  With a super-fast heat-up time and an extra large herb chamber, the Crafty really stands out from the pack and shines on its own with a variety of features.

This vape is extremely flexible, offering high or low temps and also the ability to use multiple different types of materials from concentrates to herbs and also the compatibility with a water pipe via the water pipe attachment adapter.

Crafty Operating Instructions

To turn on your Crafty simply hold down the power button for a few seconds until the unit turns on.  Make sure your bowl is packed gently before you reattach your mouthpiece to ensure that the herb vaporizes evenly while inside of the device.

To load your herb chamber you can use the filling tool that looks like an orange grinder that came with the device.  We absolutely love this filling tool by Storz & Bickel and it works great with other pipes, bongs, and bubblers as well. 

When the unit is on the LED indicator light will light up to notify you that the device is heated up and ready to go.  The only downside of the Crafty Vaporizer is the heat-up time can be a bit slow when compared to other vapes, but the vapor production and flavor of this high-class portable vaporizer is simply unrivaled.

Downsides Of The Crafty Vaporizer

One negative downside of this vape is the battery life is very short and only lasts for a few bowls before it needs to be recharged.  One positive is that it doesn't take too long to recharge so that may offset this negative point some.  Also, the heat-up time is pretty slow on this unit as well.  

Really, the only major downsides of this vape are relating to the battery and charging systems.  It takes a long time to heat up and it doesn't hold a charge for too long, so these are definitely some things to consider before purchasing.

Although these downsides are notable, this is still one of the best performing portable vaporizers for sale on the market in 2019.  The vapor quality is insane and the draw resistance is super low so you can take some GIANT rips off of this thing and have a much more intense experience comparable to vaping off of a full desktop unit such as a Volcano.