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Fake Atmos Pens On eBay - Why You Shouldn't Buy From Online Auction Sites

Why You Should Avoid Buying Atmos Vapes On eBay

A lot of people might be searching online for where to buy Atmos Jump Vaporizer's on eBay and Amazon and other similar online marketplaces, but there are a series of hard truths which must first be realized before buying from one of these unscrupulous retailers.  I mean, do you really trust some overseas manufacturer to produce an inferior product for half of the cost and then risking your health by getting a decent deal?  I know I don't!

Number 1 - Most sellers on auction sites are not authorized resellers.

Chances are that if you are buying your Vaporizer from a seller on eBay or Amazon then the seller is not authorized by the manufacturer to resell their products, but they still do it anyway.  The reasoning is actually quite simple.  Atmos RX has a minimum advertised pricing (MAP) policy where these devices cannot be sold for any less than $59.95 so if you see one of these vapes on sale for less than that then it's either fake or the seller is not authorized by Atmos to sell their products.

Number 2 - Amazon doesn't even allow the sale of vaporizers on their site.

This one is pretty easy.  If you see one of these vapes for sale on Amazon then they are definitely not authorized to sell it on there by either Amazon or Atmos, so please keep that in mind.  Amazon has a very strict policy against selling vaporizers on their marketplace, so anyone who has a vape listed will soon be banned and you will be stuck with a vape pen with no warranty and no way to return it once the seller has been kicked out of the marketplace.

Number 3 - Most vaporizers sold on the auction sites are fake third party replicas

A lot of the retailers on these vape sites are selling cheap OEM replicas which are produced using cheap materials and unsafe metals that have not gone through the rigorous testing process that the original manufacturer uses to ensure that the devices are safe for use.  So, if you want to gamble with your health and put it in the trust of cheap overseas manufacturers who are only out for a quick profit then be my guest, but don't say that we didn't warn you!

If you want to learn how to use the Atmos Jump Vapor Pen Efficiently then check out our article which details the exact process for getting the most bang for your buck out of this amazing device.

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Where Should You Buy Your Atmos Vape Pen?

You should only purchase your Atmos Vaporizer from an authorized online retailer such as us here at VaporizerVendor because we are authorized Atmos resellers who have been working directly with the company for over five years!  We know the sales reps who work at the company because we buy our vaporizers directly from them on a consistent basis.  We know that everyone else claiming to sell authorized Jump's are either selling fakes or are cutting Atmos's own MAP policies and thus voiding the warranty that comes with the vape pen.

So, unless you want to buy a fake pen or one that won't be covered if it breaks then you should definitely stick to purchasing your products from authorized online retailers such as us here at  We have been selling vapes for over five years and have literally seen products come and go, but Atmos has been a staple of the industry for a long time and they will continue to do so!

Many Diverse Colors Available For Purchase

There are four main colors available for purchase when it comes to buying one of these vapes: 

  1. Carbon Black.  This is by far the top-selling color on our store by a long shot!  People absolutely love their Carbon Black units and I would say that about 90% of the Jump's we sell are this particular color.
  2. Green.  This color is not too big of a seller but some people like to be a bit flashy when vaping their herbs so this one is definitely for them or any lovers of green.  
  3. Carbon gold.  This one is a bit rare, and we don't see too many people ordering gold.  But, if you happen to be an aspiring or already successful rapper or you just want to be extra flashy then the carbon gold color might be a good fit for your personal taste.
  4. Red.  We don't sell too many red versions, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't buy one if it's the color that resonates with your inner rebellious spirit.
  5. Blue.  Some buyers prefer a nice cool blue color when sporting their vape around town, so if you feel that this one represents your style the best then by all means, grab it!

Overall, this is one of our top selling units because of it's portability and ease of use.  Heck, even a beginner can pick up one of these pens and start vaping herbs without any trouble at all.  So, if you want to buy the cheapest, most effective vaporizer pen for use with herbal blends then pick up your very own Atmos Vape today and see what all of the hype is about!