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Atmos Jump Review - Most Affordable Dry Herb Vape Pen

If you have been searching for a highly affordable dry herb vaporizer pen then you definitely want to read our Atmos Jump Review, as we outline the main features of this extremely easy to use, highly efficient vape pen for herbs.

Best Feature Of The Jump Vaporizer

The number 1 feature that we like about the Atmos Jump when compared to most of the other dry herb vape pens on the market, is that it uses a stainless steel heating chamber to vaporize the herbs instead of a cheap heating coil.  Vape pens such as the G Pen Vaporizer By Snoop Dogg use these cheap coils, and we can't tell you how many returns we get when selling these products, but people still buy them because they are convenient and very easy to use.  It's basically a convenient method for "smoking" dried herbs in a discreet fashion, but if you want a real vaporizer pen, then the Jump is what you are looking for.  Even the Jump will combust your herbs on occasion, so please keep that in mind.  This is a low-end, entry level vape, and is designed for discreet yet effective vaping, and is one of the smallest vape pens that uses a heating chamber instead of a coil, and for that we praise Atmos in their clever design.

Best Vape For It's Price Point

When it comes to the best herbal vape pen under $60, there isn't even another choice that stacks up to the Jump.  It's quite simply the best herbal vaporizer pen under $100 that you can possibly buy, and we challenge you to successfully locate something that works as well as this in this same price range.  For $59.95 you can't even find another vape with a stainless steel heating chamber that is designed for use with dried herbs, and if you do locate one be sure to send us an email and let us know, so we can review it and tell our customers, who are constantly on the search for an affordable "true" dry herb vape that is easily concealable and has premium functionality.

Stainless Steel Heating Chamber

As previously mentioned above, the Jump is one of the only vapes on the market that uses a stainless steel heating chamber to vaporize it's contents, and doesn't stoop to the level of using a cheap quality heating coil that will simply burn out after a few weeks of use.  If you want the best vape pen in it's class for under $60 that operates at a consistent, high quality performance level, then this is exactly the vape that you've been looking for.  Again, we challenge you to find something else on the market in this price range that works as well as the Atmos Jump....Because it simply doesn't exist.

Best Cheap Vape Pen For Herbs, Period.

In summary, the Atmos Jump is the most affordable, best quality, top functioning dry herb vape pen on the market, and you would be intelligent to purchase one.  If you are looking for a way to discreetly vape on the go, and you don't want to carry a bulky portable vaporizer with you in your pocket, then the Jump is exactly what you want.  There isn't another vape pen that is as cheap as this, that function as well as this does, period.  And it's really quite as simple as that...not much else to it.  So what are you waiting for?  Pick up your very own Jump today and experience the economy and power of Atmos technologies best compact herbal vaping device to date.