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Arizer Extreme Q - Our Absolute Lowest And Best Price

Best Price On The Arizer Extreme Q Herbal Desktop Vaporizer

If you are looking for the best price on the Arizer Extreme Q Herbal Desktop Vaporizer then please click on the link to be taken directly to the product page where you can buy this vape for the lowest price and with the fastest shipping.  Vaporizer Vendor has been selling Extreme Q's for years and we have a very close relationship with the supplier, so we are able to negotiate lower pricing and pass those savings along to our customers.

We pride ourselves on being able to streamline the sales and customer service process, and we are 100% dedicated to providing our customers with the best service online in the entire vaporizer industry.  We aren't afraid of stepping up and handing out detailed instructions on each product, or returning an item if it arrives DOA or broken out of the box.  We do our best to hand select top of the line products that won't break and will continue to work for years to come.

We Have Tested Every Single Vape On The Market

We have put each vaporizer on the market through an extremely rigorous testing phase to see how it performs, and we have discovered which vaporizers outperform others and may have a tendency to break down.  Arizer's Vaporizers are some of the best on the market, so that's what we like to recommend to our customers here at VaporizerVendor because we claim to only carry the most premium devices on the market.

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 Extreme Q Best Features 

  • Easy to use
  • Used with balloon bags or a whip
  • Convenient LCD display
  • Ironclad manufacturer warranty
  • Premium vapor production

Extreme Q Outperforms Most Desktop Vapes

Trusted Manufacturer That Has Produced Many Quality Vaporizers

Buy The Extreme Q Online On Our Store For Cheap

We are now carrying the Extreme Q Desktop Vaporizer for 2018 and we have the lowest price out of any other vape shop online.  Check out our blog frequently to see what we are up to, and how cheap we are selling the Extreme Q Vape for these days.  This is still one of the best desktop vapes on the planet at this moment in time, so please take that into consideration in the coming months and we'll be more than happy to let you know what we think of this unit as well.  

The main thing that we love about the Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer is that it can be used with balloons or the whip attachment, and it produces some of the best vapor on the entire market when compared to similarly priced designs.  Arizer is one of the best manufacturers on the market, and they are based in Canada, so all of their products must be imported into the USA for resale by a wholesale distribution company.

Why Buy An Extreme Q Vaporizer?

  1. Top of the line manufacturing
  2. Easy to use design
  3. Ability to use balloon bags or a whip-style attachment
  4. LCD Temperature display to conveniently let the user know heat settings
  5. Wide base so it doesn't tip over
  6. Easy to clean and replacement parts are cheap
  7. Extra wide borosilicate glass bowl that fits a huge amount of herb

Arizer Extreme Q Parts And Accessories Included With The Device

What's included with the Extreme Q Desktop Vaporizer?  A large glass bowl that can fit several grams of herb inside.  It also comes with a balloon bag attachment that you can use to inhale large plumes of vapor whenever your heart desires.  Additionally, this comprehensive desktop vaporization kit comes with an LCD display which tells you exactly what temperature you are using the vaporizer at, and other pertinent info.

This sleek looking desktop vaporizer comes in black or silver, and it will definitely shock the competition because of its premium functionality and wildly affordable price point.  It also comes with a remote which can change pretty much anything on the unit from heat temperatures to shut-off times.  This is one of the more customizable units for sale on the market and it satisfy's users cravings for top-shelf vaporization.