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The Crafty - #1 Portable Herb Vape

We have been using dry herb vapes for a very long time, and many products have come and gone from the industry, but Storz & Bickel's products remain as the gold standard of high quality vapes that will consistently deliver an extremely pleasurable vaporizing experience.  

The Crafty is no exception.

crafty vaporizer

Storz & Bickel did a great job with the true convection design of the Crafty, making it one of the highest performing, most efficient portable dry herb vapes on the market...virtually smashing every other product in it's same class.  Now it may be a little bit more expensive than other contenders such as the Pax 2, although with the recent price increase from them it's not as big of a difference....but it's worth every single penny!

The Crafty is one of the most effective portable vaporizers that we have ever used, and the vapor quality is simply outstanding.  It outshines most of the other portable dry herb vaporizers out there in the marketplace, and certainly delivers a consistent, effective performance.

After using this vape for almost a month now my general consensus is that the Crafty is the most efficient portable vaporizer on the planet, and is three times more efficient than the Da Vinci Ascent.  How I came to this conclusion was simple:  when using my Da Vinci Ascent I would use up to 3 full chamber packs per day, and each chamber is roughly 1 gram worth of dry herb, so that equals out to 3 grams a day.

As soon as I switched over to the Crafty my herbal consumption went down to only 1 gram a day, but I was still using the vape in the same amount of sessions.  Therefore, that implies that the Crafty is 3 times more efficient as the Da Vinci Ascent, which is still a great product, and one that I continuously recommend to customers who are looking for quality vapes in the $200 price range....

But the Crafty is on a completely different level from other vapes.  It truly exists in a class all by itself, and nothing else that I have used even comes close to the performance of this portable herbal vaping bohemoth.  So the big takeaway from this article is this:  if you are serious about vaporizing dried herbs and you want the highest performing, most efficient vape on the market then the Crafty is for you.  Remember, you get what you pay for, and this situation is no different.  So take the leap, make the upgrade, and purchase your very own Crafty Vaporizer today!  You'll be glad you did!