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Da Vinci Ascent - Our Favorite Vaporizer

Today I'm going to share with you an inside look at our favorite vaporizer here at Weed Shop, and why it's the vape that we continuously recommend to beginners and seasoned veterans of the game alike.  The Da Vinci Ascent is a glass on glass portable vaporizer that kind of looks like a cell phone, and is available in many different attractive styles and designs such as: carbon fiber black (which I have), skulls, wood grain, and more.  

The Ascent is a great portable herb vaporizer to get started vaping with, and it won't break your bank or wallet, so please keep that in mind.  It uses a high quality, medical grade, glass on glass air path that provides smooth, tasty hits of deliciously flavored vapor.  It has a long lasting battery, and nice draw resistance as well.  Overall this is one of our all time favorite vaporizers, as it delivers a consistently reliable performance every single time.  

Glass On Glass Purity 

But it's not the stylish appeal of the Ascent that has us all pumped up about it, it's the vapor quality and unrivaled consistency that comes at a highly affordable price.  This vaporizer features a glass on glass airway path which results in premium hits of vapor every single time, leaving you feeling satisfied and refreshed, without that harsh burning feeling in the back of your throat.  Other similar portable vapes in the marketplace use ceramic heating chambers and stainless steel air pathways which gives the vapor a funky, metallic taste that immediately puts you off to taking another draw.  But the Ascent uses glass on glass air pathways which consistently deliver the smoothest hits of pure vapor that are scientifically capable of being produced at this current stage of technological advancement in our society.  We highly recommend this vaporizer to anyone who is looking for a stylish, affordable solution to vaporizing their herbal blends in the most efficient, effective manner possible. 

Cutting Edge Technology

This vape is ahead of the game, and features a fully integrated LCD display that allows you to customize the temperature from anywhere between 210 - 450 degrees.  You can also purchase water pipe attachments in 14 or 18mm to allow for additional purification and filtration, offering an even smoother experience from your vaporizer.  I have been using the Ascent with and without a water pipe, and my conclusion is that it is great either way, and I like to switch it up.  Sometimes I will use the water pipe for a cleaner hit and a more clear-headed experience.  Then other times I will take a draw directly from the unit for a bigger cloud and a more intense, unfiltered experience.  Either way, the Ascent hits like a champ and you are in for a special treat when using it. 

Reasonably Affordable

Overall the Ascent is an excellent portable vaporizer, and one that we recommend to everyone because of it's highly effective performance and quality.  This vape now retails for $199, down from a previous $249 just a short time ago.  Sure, there are much cheaper options out there on the market, but none of them surpass the Ascent's performance and quality.  We firmly believe then you get what you pay for, and that is even more true with vaporizers.  If you are just looking for a one hitter and aren't really concerned about top performance, then sure, you can get one of the cheap pens or other small portables out there...there are plenty of crappy vapes to pick from.  But if you are looking for a top shelf experience, something truly special, then the Ascent is exactly what you need.  It's one of those purchases that is just worth it, and will last for years.  If you are serious about vaping and you want something that can compliment your lifestyle perfectly, this is the vape to get.  You'll be glad that you did.   Trust me!