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Vapor is not Smoke, it's Vapor!

Okay, let's clear something up once and for all, because I'm tired of you hardcore smokers ruining it for everyone else in the vaping community.  
And what I mean by this emphatical statement is that vapor is a lot less dense than smoke, meaning you will not get that giant smokers hit that you normally get with your glass hand pipe or Newport 100's where the intensity of the smoke instantaneously shreds the inside of your lung passageway to pieces and makes you feel like you just inhaled 1,000 toxic chemicals like sulphuric acid mixed with bleach...because you probably did!
I mean come on guys...if you want to vape, then vape.  You said that this is what you wanted, right?  ...  To finally slow it down a bit and be a bit healthier for once.
Well then stay committed.
I mean, you need to be able to weigh the health benefits against the satisfaction factor.  If that giant lung-stinging hit is really something that you'd rather prefer over your own long-term personal health and well being, then go right ahead - be my guest.
But if you want to opt for the healthier alternative and join us sensible folk on the intelligent end of the spectrum, then jump on in...the vapor's fine.  And don't get us wrong either there are some super powerful desktop vaporizers such as the Volcano Vaporizer or the extremely powerful Herbalizer that will produce thick plumes of vapor.  It's just that you have to spend the big money to get the big performance.
So that about sums that up. Okay? Alright then.  
Glad we could finally clear that up for everyone.
Now vape on gents!