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What The Hell Are You Vaping?

Brian Rudderow

Yea you read the title correctly....what in the hell are you vaping?
If you have landed on this web site then that must mean that you are vaping something....so what is it?
It may sound like a simple question, but consider the following...
Most people have no idea what they are in fact vaporizing.
Did you know that over 50% of people who are looking into purchasing a vaporizer don't know the difference between a portable and desktop vaporizer?
Well it's simple really.
If you're looking for a vaporizer then you have no frickin' idea what one even is, and if you do then you have quickly come to realize that there are so many different brands, models, styles, and types available out there on the marketplace that it's almost impossible to decide on which one to buy for your own personal use.
"Well, that's all very interesting" you might say, "but what's the solution"...?
and I would be the first one to tell you that there isn't any.
Sorry but it's just not that simple.
Believe me.  I've been trying to configure this store in a way that will make it easier for people to shop, but it's just not possible.
There are way too many products, and you will never learn them all, so just accept that right now.  I've been in this industry for about two years and I still can't keep up with all of the new brands that are coming out now.
Look, I just heard about this vaporizer today:  The Summit Vaporizer.  This is an excellent looking vaporizer by the way.  Very affordable, made from high quality materials, offers pass through charging, 8 different temperature settings, automatic shutoff, etc.  So yea this is a high end vape for a low end price.  It has an oven style heating chamber just like the Pax so you know that you're getting quality.
Anyway, yea I just found out about this today.
So the point is that you simply need to make a decision...it doesn't really matter what it is....well it kind of does but you get the point...the point is that you simply need to make a decision.  Any decision.
Because once you have made up your mind you will then gain an experience...and that experience will teach you exactly what you needed to learn about vaping.
You will have seen it and experienced it for yourself, and now you can then use that knowledge and apply it towards your next purchasing decision, where hopefully you will choose a better one if you didn't get so lucky the first time.
The key is simply to make a choice.  Pick something that looks cool, give it a try and see how you like it.  Then you can finally move forward and continue your vaping experiments until you have become a master.
It's just like anything else in life.  You don't know where to start, but once you finally do you find out something that you didn't know previously, and then you are well on your way.
So, yea.  
That's how it works.  So take my advice and make your first vaporizer selection today.  Grab one, start testing and see how you like it.  
Read a few reviews...ask us on the live chat....see how you feel.
Anyway, good luck and I truly hope you find what  you're looking for.
Vape On!

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