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Quickdraw 300 DLX - Best 3 in 1 Vape Pen

We have been selling vaporizer pens for several years now, and one of the first things that we noticed when we first starting selling the multi function 3 in 1 style units with multiple attachments, is that the dry herb attachments on most of these style pens don't function that well.  The reason was because most of them were manufactured using cheap metal coils that can easily burn out, and worse yet, don't even vaporize your herbs, they simply burn them and turn them into smoke.

This has led to a slew of these multi function vape pens being taken off the market, and the manufacturers have stopped making them.  This, however, did not decrease the demand from our customers who are constantly seeking small, multi-function style vaporizer pens that can handle a wide variety of materials and substances.  The problem was, most people are huge into dry herb, and that was the one category that these pens were seriously lacking.

So after all of the frustration of dealing with these other inferior quality vape pens, we finally came upon the upper class Quickdraw 300 DLX which to our delight uses a medical grade, high quality ceramic heating chamber for the dry herb attachment, NOT A METAL HEATING COIL!!

Ceramic Heating Chambers VS. Coils

This is what a coil looks like:

vape pen heating coil close up

And this is what a ceramic chamber looks like:

atmos orbit ceramic heating chamber

Notice that there is no coil in the bottom of the ceramic chamber, as it uses conduction heat from the outside of the chamber to vaporize the herbs, instead of directly touching it and burning it from underneath like the coil style pens do.  

 So in summary, ceramic heating chamber style vaporizers are much more effective and efficient than coil style vaporizers, UNLESS YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT VAPORIZING WAXES AND CONCENTRATES!  Then coils are actually preferred, and work the best.

But for dry, you ALWAYS want to go with a ceramic chamber over a coil.  Take our word for it, we have been selling vapes for years and would never recommend a product to our customers that isn't exactly what we describe it as.  Our goal is to give people unbiased reviews of the products that we sell, as this will allow them to make more informed decisions when it finally comes time for them to spend their hard-earned money on our store.

And we appreciate that.

Once again, here is the link for the Quickdraw 300 DLX

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