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CFX Portable Herb Vape - Only $167 Exclusive First Look

So a few months ago we were contacted by Boundless Vape Technology to review their latest products:  the CF and the CFX and we were completely blown away by what we saw.  First of all, these vapes are manufactured with some heavy duty materials, and you can tell that they are without a doubt built to last.  They are smooth, sleek, and stealthy, and very appealing to the eye.  The mouthpiece hinges, and swings open to provide a convenient air path for the vapor to rise up through and enter your air passages.

The vapor quality on these units is insane, and I would put it in the same class as the Crafty.  The vapor has that extra kick to it that the small pens and portables just can't seem to get without producing smoke.  I started off with the CF which is nice, but the CFX is much better because of the giant LED screen that almost looks like the dashboard of a race car, which is pretty cool if you ask me!  

But anyway...

These vapes have extremely large herb chambers that can hold almost an entire gram of herbs, and it will reach heating temperatures in as little as 30 seconds, so when you turn this bad boy on you'd better be ready for liftoff!!  Suit up and strap in! 

So yes the giant herb chambers, fast heat up times, and fast cool down times...what else.  The easy to adjust temperature controls...I mean just look at those giant up and down arrows....a monkey could figure out how to use this vaporizer...Press the power button five times, adjust the temperature, and inhale...there's nothing else to it.

Well, there is a little bit of finesse that you must learn when using these vapes.  For instance, it's always better to take a long, smooth, and steady draw as opposed to sucking on the mouthpiece as hard as possible, which will result in clogged holes and reduced airflow.

The one downside about these CF line of vapes is that they get clogged very easily, and the airflow can get drastically reduced in only a short period of time, once half of the air holes get clogged or more, it can feel like you are trying to suck through a very tiny straw.

So, essentially what we have here are two HIGHLY affordable portable dry herb vapes (which can also handle concentrates), they are under $200, have long lasting batteries, are true convection vapes, and have super fast heat up times.  With this giant list of amazing features and this highly competitive price point, it's no wonder why these line of vapes have become a staple of the dry herb vaping industry in only a short period of time.

So what are you waiting for, go pick up a Boundless CFX today, stop playing around with crappy herb pens like the Snoop Dogg G Pen, (why do we even still sell that, somebody take it seriously.), and start vaping like you mean it!!!!!